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Arming Doublets


The bulk of our Arming Doublets, Arming Coats and Padded Jackets are based on historical illustrations, paintings, and other period references; however we are flexible enough to design and tailor bespoke garments for weddings, live action role playing (LARP), etc.

We use a tried and tested design process in each of our Arming Doublets that incorporates the required strength and manoeuvrability for medieval combat.


We custom make each arming doublet to fit not only our client, but where possible their armour as well.

We look to meet with our clients half way through the production of their Arming Doublet to ensure the fit is correct;
and to identify the exact mounting points for their armour. Our standard Arming Doublet design comes with 50+ hand sewn eyelets to harness your armour.

Working on a part time basis as an Armourer with Armour Services Historical (ASH) I am able to advise and discuss the best way to mount your harness and the manoeuvrability of each component.

Essentially if your doublet does not fit you correctly, then your harness going to be restrictive, inflexible and in a lot of cases painful to wear.



Our Arming Doublets, Arming Coats, and Padded Jackets are made from heavy duty linen to ensure that they are strong enough to harness your armour.

We use wool to provide the padding and tailor the exact amount to each of our doublets according to their requirements. For example people entering full contact tourneys tend to require additional padding across the collar bone.


We typically use a combination of machine and hand stitching when making our arming doublets; but have made fully hand sewn doublets in the past where individuals require a high degree of authenticity for living history purposes.

In all cases however the seams of our doublets are triple hand sewn for strength.

The standard arming doublet comes with over 50 hand sewn eyelets, each one re-enforced with a metal washer.

We provide a full set of handmade points, with each arming doublet colour matched as required. See our Arming Point page for additional information.

Build (Optional Extra's)

We can add additional eyelets for attaching maille voiders (typically over 100 extra eyelets)

Corset Backed Doublet
We make a fully lined corset backed doublet. This style ensures your leg harness is supported by your hips, and protects your lower back.

Leg Harness Eyelets
We can provide additional eyelets and points to attach your leg harness.

Medieval arming doublet in blue with gold eyelets. Finished off with Leg harness & Voider eyelets
Medieval arming doublet in red with gold eyelets.
Corset & Voider back with matching red & gold arming points
Medieval arming doublet in natural colour with brown eyelets, complemented with brown arming points

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